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Trading NFTs on Polygon: Green Energy

Polygon: The energy-efficient and sustainable blockchain

Trading NFTs, creating, bidding, redemption, sale and transfer always involves energy consumption. Especially in this day and age and the increasing activity on the crypto market, this is a factor that should not be underestimated. But the energy consumption also depends heavily on the blockchain used. In comparison with OpenSea-Etherum (proof-of-work), Polygon offers clear advantages here and can come up with massive energy savings.

The sustainability of using Polygon - A commitment to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the network and to make the blockchain carbon neutral in the future.

The Polygon network uses Proof-of-Stake, which can hugely reduce the amount of energy required to run the underlying blockchain. Because with Proof-of-Stake randomly selected users confirm the transactions, the network requires significantly less energy. On Ethereum, the switch achieves a reduction in energy consumption of up to 99 percent!

In comparison, each transaction on Polygon generates only 0.206587559 grams of CO2, which is far from the 124.34 kilograms of CO2 per transaction on the Ethereum network. (Source: according to WWF/Economy Week)

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