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A taste of Sound

A taste of Sound

"A Taste of Sound" is a small series of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) that bring us closer to singers, groups and songwriters from the present and the past. Each artist and band is represented with a series of only 9 images as NFTs, increasing the rarity and exclusivity of each series. The entire series will be limited to 1,111 pieces, increasing the collector's appeal and value of each NFT. A total of 9,999 NFTs are created.

Each small series is specially designed individually based on the respective artist or band. If available, the artwork will be supplemented with interesting fun facts in the descriptions. These fun facts are generated with artificial intelligence (AI).

"A Taste of Sound" offers fans and collectors a unique opportunity to celebrate their favorite musicians and own a piece of music history. With just 1,111 NFTs, each series becomes a valuable collector's item and a must-have for music lovers and NFT collectors alike.






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