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Part 3: Guide to importing an NFT into the MetaMask Wallet

How to import my NFT into my MetaMask Wallet

NOTE: The procedure shown is representative and only represents a possible approach/help. No claims can be made against NFT-Beverages in the event of incorrect use and/or damage. Please also note the disclaimer at the end of this text.

After purchasing a product (with an NFT) in our shop, you will automatically be assigned the corresponding NFT. You will receive a separate email with the title 'Claim your NFT from NFT-Beverages'. From this moment on, your NFT is visible in the NFT-DASHBOARD of your account in the shop.

However, before you can import your NFT/s into your wallet, you must have the MetaMask app installed on your smartphone AND set up accordingly. The specifics of the setup are explained in the corresponding blog on the subject of Wallet.

The prerequisite for importing your NFT into the MetaMask Wallet is that you have previously claimed the NFT. The claiming of the NFT is described and explained in detail in the blog under the title 'Part 2: How to claim my NFT'.

After the NFT has been successfully claimed, it can be imported. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to successfully import your NFT(s):

  1. Open the MetaMask Wallet on your smartphone.
  2. The first thing you need to do, if you haven't already done so, is connect your wallet to the correct blockchain (network). Below the title Wallet at the top of your smartphone's screen you should see Polygon Mainnet (Why Polygon Mainnet? Please read our blog titled Polygon). If this is already the case, then skip the next steps and go directly to point 6. However, if this is not the case, then follow the next steps exactly.
  3. Select Wallet at the top of your smartphone display. A pop-up menu will open with the title Networks.
  4. Select Add a network.
  5. Select the Polygon Mainnet network at the bottom. Add the network and confirm all requests. Your wallet should now change and display the new network: Polygon Mainnet
  6. You should now see the two tabs TOKEN and NFTs in your wallet. Select the NFTs tab. Your NFTs will be displayed there after a successful import.
  7. Now select the item Import NFTs further down.
  8. The Import NFT menu that appears now requires further information about the address and ID of your NFT. These details can simply be copied from the NFT -DASHBOARD of your account and entered. Follow the instructions step by step.
  9. Log in to the shop ( on your smartphone with your NFT Beverages account.
  10. Select the three dashes at the top left of the NFT logo to access your account and the order history of your purchases.
  11. Select Manage NFTs under Account. Note: You may need to sign in and verify again here. Just follow the instructions.
  12. Your NFT-DASHBOARD will open and you should see your NFT(s) listed one by one.
  13. Now click on THE NFT you want to import. You will now see more details about your NFT.
  14. Select View on Verisart under Notes. You will now see more details about your NFT.
  15. Go further down to the menu item Object data. There you will find the Full details and the Traits as well as the Chain information.
  16. Under the chain information you will now find the contract address. Next to it is a part of the address of your NFT. It usually begins with 0x... and is underlined. To the right of it, you can copy this address completely into the buffer by selecting the two nested squares. NOTE: It is best to NOTE the Token ID underneath here as well.
  17. Now insert the saved address into your still open MetaMask Wallet in the corresponding first position. Finally, enter the Token ID you remembered in the second field below it.
  18. Now select Import. After a successful import, your NFT should now be visible under the NFTs tab in your wallet.
  19. Repeat these instructions for each of your NFTs, going back step by step to your NFT-DASHBOARD.

Congratulations! Now your own NFT is visible in your MetaMask Wallet and ready to be used for further trading or collecting.

Please note: If you have imported several NFTs from the same collection, they will only be displayed in the NFT DASHBOARD if you open the corresponding category under the NFTs tab (select arrow dropdown, menu opens).

Disclaimer: Despite constant efforts to take all current factors into account, there is NO claim to correctness or completeness. Subject to change at any time.

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