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The history of NFT beverages

One thing is certain: blockchain and NFT technology is here to stay. This technology has encouraged us to create something extraordinary and special - and with exclusive advantages for our customers. We develop, produce and sell all kinds of drinks in a strictly limited form in an online shop in connection with artistic NFTs (Non Fungible Token ).The customer purchases a high-quality drink of their choice from us and, after a cancellation period has expired, receives an NFT dropped into their wallet. He can collect these, trade them and/or resell them to increase their value. As a result, in addition to the product of enjoyment, he also acquires an investment property, which significantly improves the value of his purchase and may even bring unexpected increases in value.NFTs are cryptographically protected tokens that give their owners ownership of an underlying asset, similar to shares, real estate or provide intellectual property. These tokens grant voting and dividend rights to their owners and can also be freely traded between users.

Founding Team NFT-Beverages

The founding team

The two charismatic founders of NFT-Beverages, Norbert Jacobsen and Torsten Bran, share the extraordinary passion to work on ideas with fun, joy and a lot of enthusiasm, to develop them and ultimately to successfully convert them into reality.

From the idea to the product

The idea of ​​bringing high-quality drinks to the market together with artistic NFTs in a strictly limited form has a long history. Never doubting the successful implementation of this project, both together, Norbert and Torsten, have intensively brought a solid and interesting model to life with well-known partners over the past few months - NFT-Beverages GmbH was born.

Norbert, founder, managing director and owner of NFT-Beverages, can look back on a very long and international experience in various management positions. He is personally characterized by his extraordinarily strong will to never lose sight of the common thread despite all the challenges and stressful situations. He coordinates and structures. He is a visionary and takes the motto as a basis for himself, as long as there is fun to be able to be successful. Grievances, mistakes or adversities do not faze him, he always remains true to himself.

Norbert has been at home in the packaging world for nine years now. He has built up customers all over Europe for a leading decorator, sometimes even successfully supporting them during and beyond the start-up.

In January 2020, Norbert founded his own packaging company, 'Start-Packaging'. The activities here range from branding, a glass trade, the construction of individual bottles, decoration, closures and accessories to outer packaging. From the company Start-Packaging and the glass bottle, the decoration, closure, accessories to the outer packaging. From the company Start-Packaging and the success, the idea arose to market the already established brands with NFT beverages.

Like Norbert, Torsten, co-founder and partner, can look back on a long and international professional career, as well as extensive experience in various management areas and business areas. He himself also loves challenges and, not only in the business environment, is always highly motivated to tackle new topics. He is also characterized by his structured way of working, he never loses sight of the actual goal. His solution-oriented way of thinking guarantees quick and quick action in critical situations. He likes to question existing solutions in search of improvements. Due to his experience in risk management, he constantly assesses the most diverse influences on a project in order not to jeopardize the successful implementation and operation.

In 2020, Torsten turned an idea into a vision of bringing an exclusive alcoholic beverage to market. A special vodka of exceptional quality was born: LOKI. While looking for a suitable partner to implement the start-up, he came across 'Start-Packaging'. Torsten and Norbert got to know each other there and quickly came to appreciate each other personally. This relationship, the friendship and the successful implementation quickly became another, closer and trusting cooperation, which is now being successfully continued in NFT-Beverages GmbH.

Our company

Our young company, NFT-Beverages GmbH, currently offers a unique online shop for unusual and exclusive drinks of various kinds. The focus in the first year is clearly on spirits, with and without alcohol.

What distinguishes us from others? Connecting with NFTs! For each purchase of a product with an NFT, the buyer is assigned the corresponding NFT to mint free of charge. The customer thus receives a double benefit - he can collect and trade the digital NFTs - he is sent his bottle with the corresponding NFT.

And what else does the customer get out of it? We continue to actively involve our customers in our shop! Not only can they influence the development of beverages - they can also have a say in the selection of NFTs.

What is really THAT special? Our editions are strictly limited, so we do NOT mass produce. Each drink will only be available in a predetermined and limited number of bottles and will be provided with an NFT - with a serial number - and a unique assignment. This makes an inherently special beverage in a bottle a desirable investment product. Our products are also manufactured under strict observation and exclusively by selected partners who are just as exceptional as our products. The special thing about being different makes the difference here.

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